Private Track Rentals

East Bay MX has reserved Thursday and Friday nights for Private track rentals.   Private track rentals offer riders 3 hours of ride time without the crowds or classes on a freshly groomed and watered track.

We have setup this program because as riders we always wanted to rent a track but could never find enough people to do it or just couldn’t get everyone together.  We are now in a position to find the riders and organize the groups!

The track rental fee is $150 per hour with a 3 hour minimum.  We limit the groups to 12 riders or $37.50 per rider. Expensive?  No, not really when you consider this…

Normal MX practice on most tracks are 3 – 5 hours.  Most practice motos are 6 – 10 minutes, on a 3 hour practice you’ll get at best three 10 minute motos or 30 minutes of ride time.  On a 5 hour practice you’ll get at best five 10 minute motos or 50 minutes of ride time.

When splitting the fees with 12 – 15 other riders on our private track, you’ll pay $37.50 for 3 full hours of ride time with no crowds rather then $20 – $25 for 30 – 50 minutes of ride time during our normal practice…

If you are interested in getting your name added to the list for the next private track rental, please complete the information below.  When enough people have requested the rental we will put everyone together and create the Private Track Rental.

There is NO MEDIC or FLAGMEN on track rental days.

If you have any questions please call Mike at 813-446-5818.