EAST BAY MOTOCROSS —  Amateur Supercross Style Racing

2011 Race Schedule
Friday, March 18th Friday, April 22nd Friday, September 23rd
Friday, April 8th Friday, May 6th Friday, September 30th
Friday, June 3rd Sunday, October 9th – New Date
Friday, June 24th Saturday, Nov  12th – New Date
1ST PLACE $250 $250 $500
2ND PLACE $150 $150 $300
3RD PLACE $100 $100 $200
4TH PLACE $75 $75 $150
5TH PLACE $50 $50 $100
The East Bay Motocross (Amateur Supercross Style) race series is designed to provide Bikes and Quads of all sizes and skills a unique opportunity to race on a Supercross style track at the Amateur level and above. The track layout and design uses hard packed dirt, large Supercross style bowl turns, several amateur level (out of the turn) jumps on a track size 25% larger than a football stadium. The track design and layout gives the riders a Supercross style track without the advanced level obstacles we see on TV.

We would like to invite all riders from beginner to advanced Bikes and Quads the unique opportunity to race on an Amateur Supercross Style track in Tampa on select Friday nights.

Whether you are a seasoned racer or a beginner considering this to be your first race, we will have a class for you!

Fees – $10 Gate Fee

           $25.00 Race Fee per class (Membership Required)


Be sure to visit our official motocross sponsor – BTO Sports          

Practice Order Times Race Classes
Mini Quads 

5:30 – 5:50PM

Beginners 5:30-5:40

Advanced 5:40-5:50

0-50cc Mini Quads Stock Appearing 4-6YRS                            0-70cc Mini Quads Stock Appearing 6-10YRS
0-90cc Mini Quads Stock Appearing 7-12YRS
Mini Quad Mod 7-15YRS
0-90cc Junior Girls Stock Appearing 7-12YRS
PW50 and Mini Bikes

5:50 – 6:00PM

Pee-Wee Stock Beginner 4-6 YRS
Pee-Wee Stock 4-6 YRS
50cc 4-6 YRS
50cc Beginner 7-8 YRS
50cc 7-8 YRS
Small Bikes 65/85

6:00 – 6:20PM

Beginners 6:00-6:10

Advanced 6:10-6:20

65cc Beginner 5-8YRS
65cc Amateur 5-8YRS
65cc Beginner 9-11YRS
65cc Amateur 9-11YRS
65cc OPEN
0-110cc Auto clutch- Trail bikes
0-150cc 4-stroke- Trail bikes
85cc Beginner 7-11YRS
85cc Amateur 7-11YRS
85cc Expert 7-11YRS
85cc Beginner 12-15YRS
85cc Amateur 12-15YRS
85cc Expert 12-15YRS
Super Mini
Jr. Girls 65/85/150 Four Stroke
Big Quads

6:20 – 6:35PM

0-300 Quad Youth 12-18YRS      00-150cc Shift
OPEN Quad Amateur
OPEN Quad Expert
Quad 30+
Quad Women
0-200cc Blaster – All Ages APEX
Bike Bikes 125/250/450

6:35 – 6:55PM

Beginners 6:35-6:45

Advanced 6:45-6:55

125/250cc Beginner
125/250cc Amateur
125/250cc Expert
Open Beginner
Open Amateur
Monster Energy OPEN
School Boy 250 18-24YRS
School Boy 450 18-24YRS
Plus 35 Beginner
Plus 35 Amateur
Plus 35 Expert
Last Chance Practice

6:55 – 7:15PM

Beginners 6:55-7:05

Advanced 7:05-7:15

Racing Starts at 7:30PM