Private Track Rentals

East Bay MX has reserved Thursday and Friday nights for Private track rentals. Private track rentals offer riders 3 hours of ride time without the crowds or classes on a freshly groomed and watered track.

We have set up this program because as riders we always wanted to rent a track but could never find enough people to do it or just couldn’t get everyone together. We are now in a position to find the riders and organize the groups!

The track rental fee is $150 per hour with a 3-hour minimum. We limit the groups to 12 riders or $37.50 per rider. Expensive? No, not really when you consider this…

Normal MX practice on most tracks are 3 – 5 hours. Most practice motos are 6 – 10 minutes, on a 3-hour practice you’ll get at best three 10 minute motos or 30 minutes of ride time. On a 5 hour practice, you’ll get at best five 10 minute motos or 50 minutes of ride time.

When splitting the fees with 12 – 15 other riders on our private track, you’ll pay $37.50 for 3 full hours of ride time with no crowds rather than $20 – $25 for 30 – 50 minutes of ride time during our normal practice…


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